Drive Revenue, Improve retention & loyalty

Grow your restaurant, hotel or location business revenue with a membership program that’s tied to sales and clear results.

Every user on avocado is a potential loyal customer

Users on avocado are looking to buy, and keep on buying, you get visibility into who your customers are, and the analytics behind your restaurant.

Save on content creation and social media management

Swap out expensive photography sessions to simple user-generated content. If you need an extra hand, our team of designers and marketers can help take over.

Drive more revenue, improve retention
and loyalty

Did you know that 70% of members who have a Gold membership on avocado relies on the platform for their next purchase decision? 30% of users tell us that they’d rather buy from a membership store.

Authentically amp up your content library

With a community of active users, get great pictures and videos for your social media with distribution rights, fully-rated by experts.


Only pay for active users and clear results

With guaranteed results, users with intent to buy, Avocado guarantees ROI on your marketing spend.

Active Members

Cost $



We don’t charge a commission on any of the transactions, we only charge $1.00 for an active user each month.

Members are considered “active” only when a submitted content gets rated as “approved” and appears in your dashboard.
You only pay $1.00 regardless of the number of visits a single member makes. We really do reward loyalty!
No long-term commitments, only honor the discounts you’ve promised your members.
Host your content library, we don’t charge you extra for bandwidth.
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